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Wykiosk 1000

Wykiosk 1000
Simply revolutionary.
Touch screen totem with integrated software

Did you know that many consumers declare to forgo the purchase in case of queue? Revolutionize your sales with Wykiosk! Make the service faster and smoother, so you don't lose a single customer.

Using the multimedia kiosk, people will be able to order in total autonomy and safety, and your collaborators will be more focused on preparing the dishes. A small change, simply revolutionary.

• Simple
Integrated software for orders and payments
Quick handling from Wycloud
In line with the tax changes

• Intuitive
Simple and attractive interface
The whole menu at your fingertips
Safe and fast payments

• Revolutionary
Fluid and personalized shopping experience
Suggestions for enriching orders
Discounts and promotions to build customer loyalty Overview
Software application for self-ordering
Simple and intuitive interface design
Configurable by Wycloud
Elegant, solid and compact structure
Powder coated metal pedestal
Self-supporting base for floor fixing
Simplified connection with accessories

• Powerful Quad-Core processor
• WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet connectivity
• 21.5 "ultra-flat touch screen
• Telematic fiscal printer
• Payment terminal
• Integrated barcode scanner